Lesvos Hiking Tour

Daily Tour 7 Days Availability: 1 January 1970
Seafari Adventures, Μιχαλελη, Plomari, Greece


Distance: Depending on Experience (km)
Level: Upon Request
Group size: 1-14 pp

Walking-Resting-Enjoying the view-walking again. Hiking gives those who love it unique moments in nature. Seafari Adventures helps you discover unique points in Lesvos island that are only accessible on foot. It’s a journey through history, nature, and mythology, providing a rewarding experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Most of these routes are well maintained and marked, others barely more than an overgrown sheep’s path. Hiking on the islands is a remarkable experience, from “kalderimia” (cobbled or flagstone paths dating back to Byzantine times) to “monopatia”, shepherds’ or monks’ trails connecting remote settlements and beautiful villages!

The Lesvos Hiking highlights is not just a 7-day hiking trip!

It is the ultimate hiking experience, in the footsteps of the most amazing hiking trails of Lesvos Island – the Lesvos Hiking Highlights, which covers a distance of 81 kilometers, with almost 2400 meters of altitude to overcome. We will be crossing a large part of Lesvos Island, mainly on unknown paths and at various altitudes that represent the whole island landscape, from the foothills to the peaks! It is addressed to hikers in good physical condition, who want to see a wilder and lesser-known side of untouched Lesvos landscapes! Who are looking for something different, challenging and adventurous.

Hiking Route 1
Vafeios, Profitis Ilias, Vigla, Halika, Skamnia, Skala Skamnia
Distance: 18km – Altitude: 730 meters

Hiking Route 2
Petra, Ligona springs, Limnodexameni, Ag. Fotia, Petra
Distance: 10 km Altitude :340 meters (Optional Expand distance of +8km)

Hiking Route 3
Bali Aloni – Tsichlionta – Sigri
Distance: 16 km Altitude: 200 meters

Hiking Route 4
St. Dimitris, peak of Olympus, Marble, Kastelli, Ag. Dimitris
Distance: 14 km Altitude: 970 meters

Hiking Route 5
Karini, Asomatos, Agiasos, Agios Anargyros, Karini
Distance: 15 km Altitude: 800 meters


  • Pick up and drop off from/to Odysseas Elytis Airport
  • 6 nights – Accommodation with breakfast
  • Professional Hiking Guide
  • All local Transfers with VAN/SUV according to the Schedule
  • English speaking Guide/Office escort daily with you
  • Refreshments and Water during the Hiking time.
  • All activities of your choice


  • Meals in restaurants are not included. (The price per person will be about 20-35 EUR/meal/pp)

We need to make clear that the above trip plan is an example, which gives an idea of how a trip with us could be.
Every group has different needs in hiking distances, number of available days, flight times, secondary activities, plan of arrival and departure day, etc.
We are flexible to build, together with you, the ideal itinerary that suits the best to the group. We know the area very well and we can advise you accordingly.
The final sequence of the day trips (that form the whole trip) can be changed, according to the weather forecast. It will be determined the last week before the arrival, when we have a clear view of the forecast.

Get in touch with us and we can form together the ideal schedule depending on what you need

Some of the optional activities we can add are

  • Horse riding
  • Birdwatching
  • Searching for rare flowers (depending on the season) (orchids – peony etc.)
  • Hiking
  • Guided Cycling
  • SUP (StandUp Paddle)
  • Traditional Cooking Lesson
  • Exploring Waterfalls
  • 4×4 Tours in Unexplored areas around Lesvos
  • Learning Greek Language by an experienced teacher
  • Spa & Wellness at Lesvos Hot Springs
  • Wine tasting tour
  • Agricultural Harvest-Bio olive oil project (winter)
  • Bio olive oil tasting
  • Boat trips for fishing
  • Clay workshop
  • Olive wood workshop
  • Make your own soap – workshop
  • Mushroom Hunting (winter)
  • Ouzo museums and ouzo tasting
  • Visit Natural History museum & Explore the Unique Petrified forest

You just tell us how you have it in mind & everything is possible.

DAY 1: Arrival Day

Transfer from Odysseas Elytis Airport (MJT) to Molyvos Village. Molyvos is located north of Lesvos Island and assumed as one of the most touristic and traditional villages. We will settle at the hotel. In late afternoon we will have a meeting to brief the whole team for the hiking program and all the details. Get to know each other and enjoy a traditional dinner at a local restaurant. Depending on the arrival time we may be able to do some sightseeing or any optional activity. Overnight in Molyvos.

DAY 2: Hiking Day (Lepetymnos Mt – Sykamnia)

After enjoying the Greek breakfast at the hotel, our adventure will start. We will be transferred at the starting point of the hiking route. Few km after we will be able to enjoy stunning landscape views, our route will lead us to Profitis Ilias at the top of Lepetymnos Mountain, from there we will have the chance to enjoy the view of Gera Bay – Kalloni Bay and the whole Minor Asia Coast. Lepetymnos mountain hosts some wild free horses and deers which if we are lucky we may see. On the way down we will end up at Skala Sykamnias Village, a very traditional tiny seaside village with nice restaurants by the sea. After having our lunch in one of the local restaurants we will be transferred back to the hotel. Afternoon is free for sightseeing or any optional activity. Overnight in Molyvos.

DAY 3: Hiking Day (Petra – Limnodexameni – Petra)

After having a delicious Greek breakfast at the hotel we will check out and gather all our luggages to the Hotel lobby before we start our day. Today’s route is a circle, we will be transferred to the starting point via minivan or SUVs and our adventures will start. Today’s trails also have the water element, we will see the Ligonas springs and enjoy the nice view. This trail can be short around 10 km or we can extend another +8 km depending on your experience. After finishing the hiking we will enjoy our lunch at a local restaurant and taste some delicious “mezedes”. In the afternoon we will go to Eressos and settle at the hotel. Free afternoon for sightseeing in Eresos. Overnight in Eressos.

DAY 4: Hiking Day (Bali Aloni – Tsichlionta – Sigri)

After enjoying the Greek breakfast at the hotel, our adventure will start. Today’s route is unique. As you may have heard, Lesvos Island is recognised as an Unesco Protected Area and we have an absolutely amazing Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest in Sigri. So Today you will have the chance to hike through one of the Petrified parks and the history of over 2 million years. Enjoy stunning fossil tree parts and explore the unknown. Our route will end up at the sea so if you want you can also swim. We can not miss visiting the Museum of course. So after lunch time you will learn all the history about Lesvos and the volcanic eruption that happened over 2 million years ago. Overnight at Toumba Eco farm.

DAY 5: Hiking Day (St. Dimitris, Olympus Mt, Marble, Kastelli, St. Dimitris)

After enjoying the Greek breakfast at Toumba Eco farm we will start our trip to Agiasos and Olympus Mt. A breathtaking trail at almost 1000 m from the sea level and walking through chestnut forest. A true nature experience that you will remember. This route is one of the most demanding … 14 km of high elevation ranges will lead you to some of the most amazing picks with breathtaking views. After hiking we will enjoy our lunch in a local restaurant in Agiasos village. Afternoon is free for sightseeing or any optional activity. Overnight at Toumba Eco farm.

DAY 6: Hiking Day (Karini, Asomatos, Agiasos, Agios Anargyros, Karini)

After enjoying the Greek breakfast at Toumba Eco farm, we will start our last day of hiking on the island. For today we chose a simple circle route, this hiking route passes through small rivers and is full of green areas. The total distance is around 15 km and also has a smoother elevation gain range. After finishing the hiking we will enjoy our lunch at a local restaurant and taste some delicious “mezedes”. Afternoon is free for sightseeing or any optional activity. Overnight at Toumba Eco farm.

DAY 7: Departure Day

After enjoying our Greek breakfast with this absolutely amazing view we have from Toumba Eco farm, we will check out and transfer you to the airport Odysseas Elytis (MJT). Depending on your departure time we can add some sightseeing or any optional activity you want in our program. As a good friend told us once, “ Today is not the end, it’s just the beginning…!!

We will be waiting for you to come back and explore many more hiking paths and secrets in Lesvos Island.

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